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Matthew Hudgens 

Historical Oboes    Modern Oboe    Recorder


Matthew Hudgens is an accomplished classical musician known for his expressive versatility on the oboe. Born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado, Matthew's passion for music was ignited at a young age when he discovered the beauty of classical compositions on the radio. Intrigued by instrumental music and early jazz recordings, he initially set his sights on the saxophone but found his musical calling with the oboe.


He pursued his passion by obtaining a bachelor's degree in Oboe Performance from East Tennessee State University. Eager to further refine his craft, Matthew earned master's degrees in Oboe Performance from the University of North Texas and Historical Performance from the prestigious Juilliard School.


Matthew specializes in historical oboes and recorders and is mainly found playing a model from the early 18th century by the Leipzig instrument maker, J.H Eichentopf, built by Sand Dalton. His latest endeavor involves performing on a remarkable 1890s Italian oboe for Brahms and Mendelssohn symphonies.


As a highly sought-after musician, Matthew has collaborated with numerous period and modern ensembles throughout the United States. He has shared the stages with esteemed organizations such as Portland Baroque, American Bach Soloists, Philharmonie Austin, Oregon Bach Festival, and the Oregon Symphony, where he serves as a substitute oboist. Matthew's talent has also taken him abroad, performing with Juilliard415 in New Zealand, Scandinavia, Canada, and France. Notably, he has had the privilege of performing with the acclaimed French orchestra Les Arts Florissant.


He is a founding member of the Newfound Chamber Winds, formerly the Maryland Chamber Winds. With this ensemble, he has recorded two albums, "Preludes and Recitations" (2020) and "Kyro" (to be released). Additionally, Matthew had the opportunity to collaborate once more, in the summer of 2021, with members of Les Arts Florissant in a music video production, performing bassist and composer Doug Balliett's Ovid Cantatas, produced by Quincy Jones.


When Matthew is not immersed in his musical pursuits, he finds solace in the natural beauty of his home in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the trails, and cherishing moments with his family and friends.

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